I am totally disintegrating. 

I long to feel your power and strength
I miss being of one soul 
The days that were felt with nothing but of dappled blankets of white. 

The strong-willed, hard-headed,
The thrill-seeking, passionate, 
The show-off, insecure, 
The independent, loving,
The loyal, faithful,
The impatient, curious,
The drama-queen, masked, 
The aggressive, demanding, 
The honest, dreamer, 
The fun-loving, lively, 
The emotional, dark, 
The blunt, fast-travelling 


All of me
Me of all 

And more. 

Feelings are great servants, but they are absolutely terrible masters.

Where is humanity in all of this? 
How can people live with themselves after doing such things? 

And yet, 
It is always so easy for us to condemn others and judge them
The truth is, 
How easy it is for us to become just that indifferent to people’s emotions? How easy it is for us to become violent? 

Had I actually been there, 
Would I have done something to stop it? 
Had I witnessed the whole thing, 
Would I have stood up for what is true and justice? 

Or would I just be one of many, watching, complaining? 
Accusing with my tongue and lips but nothing else? 

Where is it? 
What is it? 

We like to think of nature as something of itself,
Something pristine, wild and untouched.

But this “wilderness” is but a social construct,
A word we attributed
A world we created

Never forget
This world is but a creation of your own mind
To see it as it is
Go back, revert

Find the truth

lol Hook
I’ll never get enough of you.