As we all stepped into the wet grass field, 
My thumping heart hammered against my chest, 
Witnessing a generation eager to write our own stories. 

Each person grew up with a different set of values, 
Experienced and learnt with their own series of stories. 
Today they came together, across a Pacific Ocean.
With fiery passion burning within
With faith and hope
With pencils and pens hoping to write their own future. 

How can you ignore the sound of the chants? 
How can you not hear the tones that ring clear by our ears? 
How can you not see the hearts flashing by our eyes? 

Pray God give us eyes to see, 
Ears to hear, 
Mouths to speak
What rings pleasure to your heart and ear. 

In face of uncertainty, 
All people can do is fight with faith and hope. 

It’s terrifying, not knowing. 
It’s worrying, to picture the numerous scenarios of what could happen. 
But we
Do not stop. 

Go where no one goes. 


You must be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Prayers for our troops, 
Don’t stop believing, 
Don’t stop fighting. 

What I’d give to be there now… 

Thinking about us, 
What we gonna be. 

Open my eyes, 
It was only just a dream. 

Butterflies fly away

Butterflies fly away

if you wait till you’re ready, you’ll never be. 

Screw this shit.

Why, hello to you too!

5 days!!!